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Why Go Wild

Dare to be Wild is a move to cut out the bad and take in the good. It's eating natural, high quality foods and abstaining from the processed and synthetic ones. It's including New Earth products as part of your daily lifestyle regimen and keeping it up for 90 days or more.

When you make these simple shifts: eating better, using New Earth products regularly, moving more, and staying hydrated you'll get closer to who you truly are. You'll look in the mirror and see your best self looking back. We dare you to change your lifestyle and change your life!

All Expense Paid

"Value" meals from many fast food restaurants cost between $7 to $9. Our top-of-the-line nutritionals cost much less per day. By 'Daring to be Wild' you can actually save money by making healthy choices!

Risk Free Trial

Simple and guaranteed effective. Investing in your health should yield returns. If you don't notice better health with our products we want to give your money back, it's that simple.

90 Days To Great

Join us. Take on the 90 day Dare to be Wild. Cut out the bad to get to the good. Transform your health and earn rewards along the way.

Here's how to start:

  1. Post a video taking the Dare to be Wild pledge to the corresponding Facebook group
  2. Make efforts to reduce or eliminate processed or synthetic foods from your diet.
  3. Add New Earth products to your daily lifestyle.
  4. Move more (daily walks, yoga, jogging, etc.). Drink plenty of water.
  5. Notice changes in your personal strength, how you feel and how you look.
  6. After 90 days, send your Dare to be Wild completion video to us (and post it!). Make a point to answer the following in the video:
    How do you feel now that you're a "Wild One"?
    How do you think thousands of Wild Ones could change the world?
  7. Do the challenge and you're automatically entered to win! All participants who complete the challenge will receive an exclusive Dare to be Wild t-shirt.

Pick your own start date. With our 90-day return policy, you have nothing to lose!

Ready to take the challenge?

Join us. Take on the 90-day Dare to be Wild. Transform your health and earn rewards along the way.


Go on, take the dare. Demand better for yourself.
This is how we change the world, one person at a time. This is how we Dare to be Wild.

Our Values

See if our values align with yours. Over the years we have attracted an amazing family who are passionate about what we stand for.

Live Give and Grow best embody our core values:

  • Living with integrity
  • Compassion and respect for others
  • Collaboration and partnership
  • Sustainability for the planet
  • Authenticity in our message
  • Brand excellence


Our company grows directly out of the values inherent in our products. After all, algae and fungi are no trend. They're the original superfoods. They've been here since the beginning of life on earth. We take those values as our own. Our no-compromise stand on the quality and integrity of our products extends to all we do, from our manufacturing to our customer service.


Bucky DentBucky Dent

"Growing up I lived all over, but spent the most time in Miami. That's where my passion for baseball began. My professional career began when I signed with the Chicago White Sox. I was traded to the Yankees, played in the World Series and once hit a 3-run homer. In 1982, I was traded to Texas and finished my playing career in Kansas City. From 1985 to 2007, I managed and coached in the minors and major leagues. I've been speaking at corporate events ever since.

One of my greatest accomplishments was running a baseball school in Delray Beach for kids for 37 years. We were considered one of the top schools in the country.

New Earth's products have done wonders for me. I take them all: Wild Essentials, EDGE, Mind, Enzymes, Rebound and Flex. My muscles don't ache, my bones don't ache, and I feel younger! My whole family has had similar results. When I take EDGE, it's like a constant energy is there all the time—no lulls in my day. It used to be, around 3 in the afternoon, I'd crash. Now I feel constant energy all day long."

Jeffrey BrunoJeffrey Bruno

Jeffrey Bruno, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, a parent, and a husband. He specializes in working with children, adolescents, and families. Bruno has a distinct interest in holistic, drug-free approaches, such as Emotional Transformation Therapy and is also author of Eat Light & Feel Bright: Microalgae Solutions for Individual and Planetary Health. A popular lecturer, Bruno speaks regularly on the importance of micronutrients and methods for healing.

When not at the office, Bruno enjoys the coastal environment of Northern California. He loves to hike, bike, kayak, snow and water ski, and recently took up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Bruno values time spent with his wife, Linda, and daughter, Tylia.

Bruno has shared New Earth Products as long as the company has existed. The unique and proven health-promoting products keep him passionate about the business. As an example of health and someone that embodies a true spirit of service, he advocates how New Earth helps transform individuals both personally and collectively.

Bonnie WeaverBonnie Weaver

"I went to school for Exercise Science at Bloomsburg University, then to Florida for an internship in sports medicine in 1991; thus began my 23-year career in fitness and nutrition. As a certified nutrition specialist and herbalist, I opened several nutrition programs in South Florida. I teach nutrition as a way of life: whether it's for athletic performance, weight loss or battling disease, being healthy begins with nutrition.

For the last 15 years, I have expanded my focus towards athletic performance, biomechanics and corrective exercise. I'm building a foundation with my athletes, helping correct imbalances that lead to decreased performance and injury. I work with athletes of all types and ages. The ultimate goal is to build better athletes and healthier people with function, fitness and food.

I've focused on health and fitness for a long time. Before New Earth came along, I had never seen or taken products that came close to comparing. My clients with digestive disorders have seen tremendous results. They have noticed differences with improved training intensity, muscle recovery and decreased joint pain. Years of training athletes have led to a lot of body aches and EDGE has eliminated 90 percent of that!

New Earth has given me hope for a world increasingly filled with disease."